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Hangover IV Treatments

When it comes to partying in the USA, there is nothing like Las Vegas. It is the home to the biggest and most elite bars and clubs in the world. Combining the exclusivity and glamour of bottle service, and the heart of music festivals, it is no surprise that every single (if not all) adult who goes on a vacation in Las Vegas would consume alcohol beverage. But a night of fun and drinking almost always leads to the classic symptoms of hangover. Headache, Nausea, Vomiting and Fatigue. Who wants to waste a day in bed suffering from Hangover, right?

So what is the cause of Hangover? DEHYDRATION. Alcohol is a powerful diuretic and causes your body to remove fluids and nutrients at a much quicker rate than other liquids.  Excessive alcohol consumption can also irritate the stomach lining, thus the nausea and vomiting. Fatigue is also expected because when a person's body is thirsty and dehydrated, our body craves for fluids and food. But how can we possibly eat, drink, or simply just keep anything down if we feel nauseous and actively vomiting? The lack of fluids, food, nutrients and not being able to keep anything down will eventually lead to body weakness.

Imagine being sick to your gut and having to drink water, energy drinks or anything at all. You will eventually end up even more nauseous, weak, and uncomfortable. The IV Hangover packages we offer can instantly reverse your hangover symptoms plus replenish the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Your body will immediately receive 1,000 mL of fluids and electrolytes together with the vitamins and medications you need, without the discomfort of you having to drink anything at all. 

A customized IV treatment for your hangover needs will not only save you from your worst hangover symptoms, but it will also prevent a whole day wasted in bed feeling miserable. Save your day, get more from your vacation, and LIV, be limitless!

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