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IV Hydration

What is IV Hydration and How Does it Help You?

If your body is dehydrated, it can cause a myriad of health problem such as headache, fatigue, lightheadedness, and even heart palpitations. While you might assume that drinking a glass of water or downing a sport's beverage can help, it can take several hours and bottles of fluids for your body to reverse mild dehydration. Besides, what we drink and eat is not 100% absorbed by our body and it takes time for our digestive tract to actually process and deliver the end products to our body's entire system. With IV hydration, you get an instant dose of fluids and vitamins directly into your bloodstream without the discomfort of you having to chug all the fluids down, and the process quickly reverses dehydration and its symptoms. This process replaces fluids and other depleted vitamins and minerals that beverages alone simply can’t do. The process is similar to an IV you’d get at the hospital, without the hassle of you actually having to go to the hospital and potentially exposing yourself to more harm and viruses. This IV hydration therapy can be customized based on what you're currently feeling, and what you want to feel, with the assessment and prescription of our Doctors / Practitioners, and delivered by our professional Registered Nurses. All these can be done in the comfort of your home or hotel room, at your convenient time.

So, why would you need IV hydration in Las Vegas? The answer can vary depending on your lifestyle, activities, or simply the symptoms you currently feel. Most of the time, dehydration  can be caused by too much alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a powerful diuretic which means it gets rid of a lot of fluids in our body. Too much alcohol consumption leads to nausea and vomiting, which makes you even more dehydrated. This is when we feel the classic signs of hangover -- headache, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Airplane flights also dehydrates our body. Being in a pressurized cabin, our body actually takes a toll and uses up a lot of body fluids to compensate with the change of environment, and we end up leaving the plane tired and dehydrated. Other reasons can vary from tourists walking down the strip under the sun, people who came from a hike or a rigorous workout, feeling like you're going to get the flu and need an immunity boost, individuals who have digestive and absorption problems, or just simply because you're in a dry desert called Las Vegas. There are numerous reasons why your body would need an IV hydration, but one proven medical fact is: hydration is an essential need for your body to function.  

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